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The main theme of the Congress is Geosciences for Sustainable Development and Prosperity. The theme of the congress itself is of great significance, which tries to reveal the importance of geology and its applications in the sustainable development and economic prosperity of the nations. For this purpose, knowledge from different sectors of geosciences can be utilized. The Congress will focus on the following sectors and subthemes:

  1. Geological mapping, Stratigraphy and Regional tectonics
  2.  Advances in Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
  3. Exploration and Mining of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Natural Gases
  4. Engineering Geology for Sustainable Infrastructure Development
  5. Geo-Hazard Assessment, Risk Reduction and Mitigation
  6. Hydropower Development and Tunneling
  7. Hydrogeology and Water Resources
  8. Advances in Geophysics, Earthquake Seismology and Seismo-tectonics
  9. Environmental Geology and Climate Change Issues in Geosciences
  10. Plans, Policies and Strategies of Nepal Government on utilizing geosciences
  11. Women and Youths in geological sciences
  12. Geotourism and Geo-heritage Conservation
  13. Promoting Geoethics for Sustainability
  14. COVID-19 and Earth Science Studies

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