June 17, 2024

About Us

Nepal Geological Society (NGS) founded in 1980 is a professional scientific organization of Geoscientists. It was formally registered at the office of Chief District Officer in Kathmandu, Nepal on 15 April 1980 (2 Baishakh 2037 BS). It has about 1000 members, out of which nearly one third are international members from the Asia- Pacific, Europe, Australia and North America.. The Executive Committee carries out the day to day management and other affairs of the society. NGS has been able to effectively establish an international network of geoscientists engaged in the research of the Himalaya, Karakorum, Hindukush and Tibet. It is also the National Group Member of International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG). As a member of Nepal National Committee on International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) the society led the IDNDR activities in Nepal throughout the decade (1990 – 2000) by organizing seminars, workshops and training as well as making relevant publications. It has prepared for the first time the Comprehensive Database on Natural Disaster Management Capabilities in Nepal in 1997. The Society received the 1998 United Nations Sasakawa Disaster Prevention Award Certificate of Merit in appreciation for its distinguished contribution to disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness.

21st Executive Committee