June 17, 2024

35th HKT Event


The Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet (HKT) workshop has been organized annually since 1985. It has been providing an important platform for researchers working in the region of the India-Asia Tectonic System for workshop-style discussion among their colleagues. The Nepal Geological Society (NGS) is a non-governmental organization and has been organizing such types of academic national and international level conferences, seminars, and scientific talk programs since its establishment. In addition, the Nepal Geological Society has already organized the 9th and 27th HKT workshops, respectively, in 1994 and 2012, in Nepal. The Nepal Geological Society is going to organize the 35th HKT workshop in Pokhara on November 2-4, 2022. November is a pleasant time to be in Pokhara and a suitable time for people to trek in the Nepal Himalaya, therefore pre-conference and post-conference geological excursions have been proposed. The organizing and management committee of the HKT-35 is looking forward to seeing you all who have been working in the region this November to share your research findings in Pokhara, Nepal! 


Important Dates

Registration and Icebreaker: Evening of 1st November 2022

Pre-conference field trip: “Lesser Himalayan Crystalline and meta-sediments of central Nepal from Kathmandu-Pokhara”: 1st November 2022. 

Main workshop: Wednesday through Friday, November 2nd – 4th, 2022

Post-conference field trip: “Pokhara valley-fill sediments and MCT area to the north of Pokhara, Nepal”: Saturday and Sunday, November 5th – 6th, 2022

Post-conference field trip: “Traverse across the Lesser, Higher and Tethys Himalayas from Pokhara to Muktinath”: Saturday evening through Wednesday evening, November 5th – 9th, 2022



The international conference’s theme is “Geosciences for People’s Prosperity and Sustainable Development (जनताको समृद्धि र दिगो विकासका लागि भूविज्ञान).” The conference aims to update and enhance the concurrent knowledge and new findings in the geosciences among the participants. All geological research focused on the region of the Himalaya, Karakorum, and Tibet will be considered. However, conference sessions will be prepared based on the following sub-themes: 

  1. Geomorphology, Geological mapping, Stratigraphy and Regional tectonics
  2. Advances in Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, Geochronology and Thermochronology
  3. Mineral Exploration, Mineral Resources and Mining, Petroleum, and Natural Gases
  4. Engineering Geology, Tunneling, and Hydropower development
  5. Geo-Hazard Assessment, Risk Reduction and Mitigation for Sustainable Infrastructure Development
  6. Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources
  7. Advances in Geophysics, Seismology and Seismo-tectonics
  8. Glaciology, Environment, Climate Change, and adaptation
  9. Plans, Policies and Strategies of Nepal Government for application of geosciences in Sustainable Infrastructure Development
  10. Linkages on western Tethys and Eastern Tethys (geodynamic, paleoceanography and paleobiogeography)


Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline is 15th September, 2022. Abstracts are invited for both oral and poster presentations in English. All the abstracts received for oral and poster presentations in the conference will be printed in a special volume of the Journal of the Nepal Geological Society and distributed to the registered participants. Full articles related to oral and poster presentations will be published in a special issue of the Journal of the Nepal Geological Society. 

Abstract submission online template (http://ngs.org.np/online-registration-form) is found on the website of the Nepal Geological Society, at https://ngs.org.np.

Please contact the Convener, Dr. Kabi Raj Paudyal, at paudyalkabi1976@gmail.com, the Chief-Editor, Dr. Prem Bahadur Thapa at geoscithapa@yahoo.com, or the President, Dr. Ananta Prasad Gajurel at ananta.gajurel@trc.tu.edu.np for additional information.


Detail Conference Program

The detailed conference program will be published in the upcoming 3rd circular.


click to download the 3rd Circular  file.