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Jagadiswar-Shahi Shrestha Scholarship Award

Terms of Scholarship

1) Name of the Scholarship:


2) Donor (s): Jagdiswar Nath Shrestha (former president and founder member of Nepal Geological Society (NGS); and his wife Shashi Prabha Shrestha

3) Amount of Scholarship:

NRS 300,000 (Three Lakhs Nepali Rupees), seed money will be deposited in a fixed deposit in a Class A bank (Probably Rastriya Banijjya Bank) in the name of Nepal Geological Society. The interest of that amount will be distributed as scholarship each year.

4) Fixed Deposit

Donor will deposit the amount as a fixed deposit in a bank prescribed by the NGS or handover the Cheque to the President/General Secretary of the Society in the presence of other executives.  All the documents and record related to award will be kept safe in the NGS office preparing a separate file.

5) Candidates of scholarship:

Student who secures the first position (topper of the batch) in General Geology (Applied Geology, Mining Geology and Hydrogeology) from the Tribhuvan University in his/her Master’s Degree.

6) Number of Candidates:

One student (if two students will get equal position/marks, the amount will be divided equally).

7) Selection Criteria:  

NGS will form a scholarship-selection sub-committee including one member from donor or recommended candidate from donor. The sub-committee will announce a notice and will ask for the application from the interested and eligible candidates. The committee will select the name based on the following criteria:

  1. Recommendation from the Head of the Central Department of Geology, T.U. Kirtipur.
  2. Academic Certificates of Master’s Degree

8) Scholarship Distribution:

a) The scholarship will be distributed in each AGM of Nepal Geological Society (generally in Bhadra of each year). An invitation will be sent to the grant or donor family (up to five persons) to participate the program as the guests.

b) In addition, the donor Mr. and Mrs. Shrestha will provide every year, on top of the scholarship an amount, equivalent to the Life Membership Fee of NGS for that year.

c) A sum, as decided by the Scholarship Selection Sub-committee, along with a medal and a certificate will be awarded.

9) Discontinuation

In the event that Nepal Geological Society decides to discontinue management of the scholarship, the seed amount will be returned to the donor or his representative. However, such amount will be utilized only for any other purpose aimed at development of Geo-science in Nepal.

10) Addition

At any time in future the donor or his family may add to the seed money. Interest from such additional amount will be utilized to increase the number of recipients of the award in any way in consultation in Nepal Geological Society.

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